Visualization methods (shaders)

Vrifier has multiple different shaders for both point clouds and mesh models. You can switch between shaders by pressing either left or right grib button from the controllers.

List of available shaders:

Mesh shaders:

materialcolorsMaterial colorsĀ (default)

_0006_vertexVertex colors

_0005_vertex_nolightingVertex colors (no lighting)

_0000_componentComponent colors

_0003_normalNormal direction visualization

_0004_wireframe-whiteShaded wireframe





Point cloud shaders:

materialcolorsSmooth expanded points (default)

_0006_vertexSmooth transparent expanded points

_0005_vertex_nolightingPlain point

_0000_componentDistance gradient & point color

_0003_normalDistance gradient

_0004_wireframe-whiteTartan pattern 1

_0002_wireframeTartan pattern 2


_0001_xrayExpanded points (20x)

_0002_wireframeExpanded points (10x)